quinta-feira, novembro 18, 2004

Se eles não tomassem conta de nós...

O actualmente muito falado, Boris Johnson, escreve sobre a atitude paternalista do governo trabalhista.
O texto, com alguns recondicionamentos nacionalizantes, poderia muito bem ilustrar a atitude dos legisladores lusitanos. Estes governantes, verdadeiras amas secas vigilantes e protectoras, conseguem com meia dúzia de chavões assegurar o apoio da "vox populi" que os telejornais divulgam.
Partilho completamente da opinião expressa neste texto:
It's the dogooders I can't stand, and this Labour Government is riddled with people who long to stop other people doing things of which they disapprove. In so far as there may or may not be a case for banning smoking in public, it should be no business of central government - or at least not while smoking is legal.

It should be up to individual pubs, clubs and restaurants to decide whether their clientele want a fug or not;

As it is, the interdiction is to be imposed centrally, because the Labour Party has a drug of its own. It is called interference, and there is nothing that gives the present lot a bigger kick than locating what they believe is an imperfection in human nature, and stamping it out.