sexta-feira, dezembro 17, 2004

O Jazz na "The Economist"

"Our pick of the best, including music by Abdullah Ibrahim"
Esta é a legenda da fotografia que ilustra um artigo intitulado "A round-up of jazz CDs - The shape of jazz just come" na The Economist desta semana (premium link):
"To judge by the pop charts and the pop-music pundits, jazz is enjoying one of its periodic revivals. Bored with bionic dance routines and mindless lyrics, a young public of CD buyers is turning in droves to the charms of classic standards, these delivered by photogenic young vocalists with the backing of smooth and swinging rhythm sections.
Jazz commentators, however, being altogether a fussier bunch, beg to differ. To them, the fashion for quasi-jazz vocals is a mere caprice in the sated world of pop and has nothing to do with the true jazz virtues of spontaneity, commitment and hard-won instrumental mastery. But then those same commentators find it impossible to agree over which artists in the fractious world of hardcore jazz best embody the music's lofty ideals. Or, indeed, to agree over what exactly those ideals are."

A revista reporta sobre o Jazz de Wynton Marsalis, Django Bates, Uri Caine, Brad Mehldau (muito lá de casa), Jan Garbarek, Duke Ellington, Abdullah Ibrahim, Dave Brubeck e Louis Armstrong. Está justificada a renovação da assinatura.