segunda-feira, julho 24, 2006

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

A propósito deste post do André, leia-se este texto de John Pilger sobre a América do Sul dos dias que correm (meus destaques):

Bolivia was second only to Chile as a laboratory of "neoliberalism", the jargon for capitalism in its pure, Hobbesian form. The Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs designed the "shock therapy" that the IMF and World Bank administered in Bolivia, adding another dimension of poverty and suffering.(...)

(...)(Sachs sees himself as a liberal and is mentor to the gormless Bono, of Live Aid et cetera fame.)(...)

Out of the new spirit abroad in Latin America, perhaps the Bolivians and Venezuelans have brought true revolutionary change closest. The contrast is with the "left-wing" Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil, who agreed to IMF terms even before he took office and who has distributed less land than his right-wing predecessor.

The likeable Evo is on notice above all with his own people, but also with the Americans, the "government behind the government".

Quão volátil é a glória dos heróis populistas...

Agradeço ao amigo que me enviou o link da Resistir, onde se pode ler a tradução portuguesa.