domingo, julho 11, 2010

A África do Sul está de parabéns!

E está por isso entre os vencedores deste Mundial. Um Mundial bem mais interessante do que os quatro eventos precedentes, marcados pelo cinzentismo. Viva a África do Sul!

No one died. No one was stabbed, no one was kidnapped and no one took a wrong turn into the clutches of a gang of garrotters. One American tourist did get shot -- in the arm -- but he wasn't here to watch the World Cup.

History will show that South Africa defied fears of violent chaos to host one of the best-attended World Cups to date. It has put Africa on the global sporting map in a way which seemed unthinkable only six months ago when Togo's footballers were ambushed by machine-gun fire before the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola. Afro-pessimism spiked, with a prophet of doom in the unlikely shape of then Hull City manager Phil Brown questioning whether South Africa was up to the job.

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