terça-feira, abril 17, 2007

Depois de Columbine

Palavras sábias as deste editorial do New York Times, a propósito da tragédia que se abateu sobre a Universidade Virgínia Tech:

Yesterday’s mass shooting at Virginia Tech — the worst in American history — is another horrifying reminder that some of the gravest dangers Americans face come from killers at home armed with guns that are frighteningly easy to obtain.
Not much is known about the gunman, who killed himself, or about his motives or how he got his weapons, so it is premature to draw too many lessons from this tragedy. But it seems a safe bet that in one way or another, this will turn out to be another instance in which an unstable or criminally minded individual had no trouble arming himself and harming defenseless people.

Acresce ainda o facto de a Virgínia ser um dos estados mais permissivos em matéria de controle, uso e posse de armas.