segunda-feira, novembro 23, 2009

Em defesa da Nicarágua e do Bom Governo Sandinista

Ever since the FSLN (Sandinista Front for National Liberation) took office in January 2007, the US government and its European allies have worked hard to deny or discredit the sharp trends for positive change achieved by the new Sandinista administration. Health indicators like maternal mortality or the number of patients treated have improved dramatically, as have education indicators like school attendance and literacy. The Nicaraguan economy has sustained exceptional export growth, improved foreign currency reserves and has managed to control inflation at levels just below those of neighbouring Costa Rica. The government has completely transformed the country's energy situation and decisively improved the population's food security.

In Axis of Logic

P.S. Evidentemente que isto não agrada às direitas. As de cá e as de lá. Tão-pouco aos que reduzem o mundo ao mercado do pensamento único. É assim com Ortega. É assim com Morales.