quarta-feira, novembro 22, 2006

AutoEuropa em causa?


Volkswagen said Tuesday that it planned to end production of the best-selling Golf compact car at its Brussels factory, resulting in a loss of about 3,500 jobs in a country rapidly losing blue-collar jobs, as the company tries to cut costs and raise profit.(...)

The company plans reduce its work force in Germany by 20,000 people, mainly through early retirement and voluntary departures, to cut production costs. The carmaker's factories are not running at full capacity and exports, especially to the United States, are suffering from the strength of the euro against the dollar, the company said Tuesday.(...)

The carmaker is also shifting to a longer workweek after reaching an agreement with unions in September. Other Volkswagen plants outside Germany are now being incorporated into the reorganization, the company said. It will probably shift some production to Germany from Spain and Portugal, Houchois said.